1. Detergent

- Overbased Number Synthetic Calcium Sulfonate - TBN 400 - Also known as Detergent

- Overbased Number Synthetic Magnesium Sulfonate M400

2. Antioxidant & Corrosion Inhibitor

- ZDDP Zinc Dioctyl Dialkyl DithioPhosphate

- Molybdenyl Dialkyl Dithiophosphate

3. High Temperature Antioxidant (in Heat Transfer Oils /Greases/ Fuel Oil/Turbine Oil )

- Dialkyl Diphenylamine ( ADPA )

- Phenolic Ester Ashless Antioxidant of High Molecular weight 

4. Dispersant: Poly Isobutylene Succinimide ( High Nitrogen)

5. Pour Point Depressant: PMA Pour Point Depressant 

6. Anti Foam: Silicon Based Anti Foam or Non Silicon Based Anti foam

7. Engine Oil Additive Package

-Two Stroke Engine Oil Additive Package

- Four Stroke Motorcycle Engine Oil Additive Package

-Low Ash Compressed Natural Gas Engine Oil Additive Package

- Multifunctional Engine Oil Additive Package 

8. Others

- Antiwear Hydraulic Oil Additive Package

- Gear Oil Additive Package

- Transmission Oil Additive Package

- Emulsifier for Cutting Oil 

- Quenching Oil Additive Package